Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What if I want to order something for delivery that I don't see on the website?

A. Call us at the store before placing your order at 334-792-3939 . Ask to speak to someone in Delivery. We can confirm if we have what you need in stock, and then you can Add a Custom Product with the dollar amount we tell you. We will then add the item to your Delivery. You can also ask if this item can be put online permanently for ordering.

Q. Why was I asked to upload my ID?

A. To comply with local and federal laws, we use age and identity verification software. If this software has trouble confirming your name, age, or address information are correct, you may be asked to submit a picture of your ID. This extra verification step is usually completed instantly, allowing you to continue with your order. This verification is required, and we appreciate you helping us prevent minor access to tobacco.

Q. Can I pay with cash?

A. No. To comply with laws regarding tobacco sales online the order must be paid for via card using the same name as the person that we have verified the address for. If you choose to tip your driver in cash, that is fine, but cash can not be accepted for product.


If you need immediate help during Delivery hours, 10:30am - 6pm, you may call the store at 334-792-3939 and ask to speak to someone in Delivery.

Please fill out the form below if you need further assistance and we will contact you as soon as possible.